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The people in and around prakasam district A.P, India have still vivid memories of late sri Gona Moses, the founder President of St.Pauls Educational Institutions.

Late sri G.Moses was born on 15th July 1925 and bought up in Anumalpalle, Giddalur Mandal Prakasam Dist. Andhra Pradesh, India. He was barely 22 and in the prime of life, he joined army with a fond hope that he would be able to serve the country thinking that servicing the country was serving the people.

He joined the army but having witnessed the Indian  soldiers  being   subjected to ill treatmentby the Britishers who were in higher cadre, he felt frustrated and resigned the job and came home.

Late Sri Gona Moses
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He thought of an alternate way to serve the people especially those backward educationally and culturally. It dawned on him that he could make illiterates literate by providing them educational facilities. He started an elementary school in Oddulavagupalle, Giddalur mandal in 1945 with three teachers. He strived hard and developed the school. Feeling encouraged by the success of his efforts he upgraded the elementary school into high elementary school in 1950 with eighth class. During the years several hundred of students passed eighth class and qualified to appear for higher grade teacher Training. Most of the students of eighth class of the school got smaller jobs and they could educate their children with that awareness. Sri G.Moses was soft spoken and silent worker.

Inspired by the success he could achieve he wanted to cater the educational needs of the children of the poor communities in the Giddalur town and surrounding villages, he started an elementary school in Giddalur in 1970. with in a short time it flourished. He worked hard and got the higher elementary school upgraded to high school in 1982. From then, St.Pauls Educational Group has grown and today it has 18 different  Educational Institutions at different levels which includes Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary to P.G. College Education under the able management of Sri Gona Aseervadam the Secretary and Correspondent of the Educational Group.


The Aims and Objectives of the St.Paul’s Educational Committee

To impart knowledge to all those who seek it not only in the field of educational but also in Christian values and principles and there by share in the responsibility of establishing love, peace, equality,
other hood and national integration.

And for this purpose to establish endow conduct maintain manage equip pharmacy colleges, medical diagnostic centers, institutions, hospitals, establishments, hostels boarding homes and carrying of other activities incidental there to far the benefit of all the administer educational institutions including medical and engineering colleges the Christians in particulars and also others to the extent possible irrespective of caste or creed without involving in any commercial activity.

To start reading rooms and libraries to disseminate knowledge among the Christian communities and collect voluntary subscription and donations from the public donors in India and outside to maintain the same.

These institutions cater the needs of Christian minority community as envisaged under article 30(1) of the constitution.

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