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“Whoever is kind to the needy honors God”

Dear Brother in Christ,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus the saviour of the World.

I, Gona Aseervadam, born and brought up in Christian family and I am now Secretary and Correspondent of St.Paul’s College of Education, Giddalur, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, South India, would like to bring the following few things for the kind perusal of all the brothers in Christ.  The St.Paul’s Educational Development Committee, Giddalur was established in 1970 with an aim and purpose of catering the needs of the children of downtrodden community deprived of the educational facilities in this backward area.

Today, we have Ten Institutions in Giddalur and all are recognized by the state government of Andhra Pradesh, India. All the school children come from poor families whose parents live on daily wage earnings.

Giddalur is a small town surrounded by several villages. Its district head quarters is 140kms away from here. The Gospel is still un-reached to the multitudes in this area. There are no hostels for poor students and Orphanages for the orphan children. We haven’t got any old age homes for widows and shelters for destitutes in and around Giddalur. Moreover there are no medical facilities for treatment of heart diseases and disorders of brain, kidney etc. For tests such as CT Scanning, Endoscope test, Lypid profile, Renal Profile, ECG, X Ray etc., one has to go to one of the bigger towns nearly 150Kms away for the above tests and treatment. Its unfortunate that many people are getting decreased for lack of proper tests and treatment facilities. Here there is no Technical Institution nearly 100Kms away from this area.

Aims and objectives of the society:

To generate awareness among the rural poor and impart knowledge to all those who seek it and not only in academic education, but also in technical, moral and eave sense to enable them become sensible human beings, good citizens and build up good human relations leading to peaceful co-existence.

To establish all types of educational institutions and provide them with all equipment and facilities to enable poor children to grow in all aspects.

To start reading rooms and libraries with good books , novels, newspapers, etc., to disseminate knowledge among the youth and other elderly people, beside students. For this purpose the St. Paul’s Committee collects voluntary subscription or donations from those who make use these facilities and even from the general public, philanthropists, companies, donors, etc.

To establish endow, maintain, equip and administer educational institutions, including medical, Engineering, pharmacy college, medical diagnostic centers, hospitals, establishing hostels fore the poor at concessional rates carrying out other activities to render cervices for improvement of their lives. These will be done with out any discrimination of caste, creed, and race and on non – profit basis.

To enable all educational institutions established by St.Paul’s Educational Development Committee, Giddalur to cater educational needs to all the poor, particularly to the minority and rural communities including tribal.

To establish hostels keeping in mind the rural poor children and those who find difficult in daily traveling having nutrition food and their by unable them to grow in health and educations.


More than two hundred poor but educated people , both ladies and gents are being benefited from St.paul’s educational Institutions having permanent employment and livelihood. These employees include both teaching and non teaching staff. About one hundred casual labourers also are being benefited from the St.pauls educational Institutions. The staff is very committed and dedicated for the educational development of the poor.

Citizen camps are conducted on Institution level at the close of the Scholastic year students will be gathered according their gradation of their institutions for promoting unity, fraternity and love for India
For the Good health and to develop sportive spirit among the students District level and state level meets of Games and Sports are conducted in our College campus

Every year thirty to forty widows are selected and given pension a@ Rs.100/- per month

Our Committee responds and assists the fire victims and distributed 10 Kg of rice per family along with utensils, clothing, bed sheets etc.

St.paul’s educational development committee, Giddalur had make it policy to spend some money for the welfare and development of the poor people. Senior students also participate in such activities. Clean and Green, Janma Bhoomi Programmes , Pulse polio activities, village welfare activities are some of such programmes in which the students participated.

By the grace of God we constructed two churches. One at Anumulapalle, Racherla mandal A.P., and one at Oddulavapupalli, Racherla mandal A.P.outh India.

Proposals :

Having witnessed all these bitter and deplorable things, St.paul’s educational Committee have been continuously praying the Lord for opening the door to take up a project to provide medical facilities to the poor who are in dire needs of these unfortunate lot of this backward area. The help which we are extending to our best financially and materially is inadequate, we have been buying bibles and Christian literature and distributing them. We have a proposal to start Establishment of churches, Gosphel work, Orphanages, old age Homes for widows and one Medical Center, Technical Institutes and to provide employment in our college campus to serve the needy.

The Society having Exemption from the Government :

Regarding exemption- Registration under Foreign Contribution Registration Act wide No.11/210/22/61(505)/203-FCRA-III Govt,of India/Bharath sharkar ministry of home Affairs/ Griha manthralaya.

The Society Registered under sec.12A of the I.T.Act.1961.wide H.qtrs.No.I922)/97-98/dated 24-4-1998 office of the commissioner of Income Tax Vijayawada.

The Trust/Society seeking exemption 80G of I.T.Act,1961.of wide RC.No.F.No.I[63(A)}/R-2/CIT-GNT/07-08. dated 28-6-2007. Proceedings of the Commissioner of Income Tax. Guntur.

We are hopeful that God would certainly enable us to serve the poor. We request you to remember us and our services in your daily prayers. We earnestly hope that God will certainly answer our prayers at his appointed time. Kindly Pray for our Institutions and especially for our proposed projects.

  We look forward to your reply
Yours in Christ.

Secretary & Correspondent
St.Paul’s Educational Institutes
Giddalur, Prakasam Dist.,
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